Australia was the first in the world in 1979 in one aspect of motorsport technology – the televised in car camera footage. Back then one Peter Williamson in a Toyota Celica was willing to carry the 70kg (yes really 70kg) of camera, battery and transmitting equipment around in his car. Of course all the fast runners with a chance of winning were NEVER going to accept the weight penalty for some TV coverage … my how times have changed!
Peter Williamson was a Toyota stalwart who raced at Bathurst for many years in what many hairy-chested bloke of the time thought was a ‘girls’ car. The in car TV footage soon dispelled that image for many as the little Toyota could be seen hounding the Falcon’s, Holden’s and the odd Camaro over the top of the mountain. The 2TG engines – remember those – were highly tuned and provided the urge.
However the search is on to find Peter Williamson as a reader, Jim (not Race Magazine’s Jim) in Queensland is making a replica of one of Williamson’s Bathurst cars. So if you have any knowledge of his whereabouts please email us and we will pass on the details to Jim.
In case you cannot remember the first miraculous in car footage, or if you are just too damn young have a look below.