Hi Readers.

With WTAC starting up this weekend I’ve got a bit of a recap of last year’s excursion to World Time Attack Challenge at Sydney Motorsport Park.

I ventured out to the 2017 World Time Attack Challenge to check it out for another year of high speed, massive aero and an awesome atmosphere. Each year this event gets bigger better and faster and am extremely excited to get amongst it over the next few days.

For those who have never been or don’t know much about the event it’s a two day, Friday and Saturday event. Jam packed with things going on.

Got all your opening sessions and a few drift demos in between.

So for your convenience and mine mainly because I missed the Friday sessions we will fast forward to Saturday. You may have seen a few posts on our social media outlets of me running through the pits and watching the Pro AM session.

For an event of its size it’s almost too hard to cover everything in the day especially if you want to talk to people and check out the pits and traders. We rocked up and proceeded to check out the Open Class session.
With the weather being complete opposite to the previous day and having a few cars in each of the classes out due to various reasons, we figured all the teams in each class would be re-configuring their setups, tunes and getting ready to set some quick lap times down.

It almost looked like the weather wasn’t phasing some of the teams. Getting out and chucking down mid 1:30s and then progressively starting to eat at those times. Each session and each class just seemed to get faster and faster. With only a handful of drivers left in the Pro AM and the Pro Class the times where gradually wearing down and it wasn’t even lunch time!

I wandered down to check out the pits and the flying 500. There was a few parade laps going on so I got myself a good seat in the grandstand to check out the sprint. For those who aren’t sure what the Flying 500 is, it’s basically an invitational speed trap sprint. It’s not drag racing perse, it’s single car racing from a point a to point b event which is timed and these are all high powered street cars.
I’ve got a bit of an invested interest in this sort of quick racing having my own non-circuit car it’s impressive to see a real, big horsepower street car move more than on a dyno. The highest recorded top speed achieved wins.

After this was concluded they have more things to see during the ‘Midday Mayhem” events. This included the Pit Walk. I’ve been to a few of these events before an non WTAC race meets at Sydney Motorsport Park where this is held and never have seen it that packed! Everyone was down there checking out the cars, teams and chatting to some drivers. It was awesome. After a quick attempt to walk through I headed up and checked out the Shannon’s Stylized Modified Car Show. I really like this element of WTAC. People can bring their cars in and park it up in one of the pit arears and show them off and it’s not just your average everyday shopping trolley.

There was rotaries, turbo Corolla’s, Mitsubishi Starions, Supras an entire line of Evos just to put it into perspective and not just JDM scene cars either. There was some neat Commodores and Falcons in there as well. My wife’s Assistance Dog Jack proved a popular sight to with his ‘race shoes’ on as well!

Enough variety to satisfy any enthusiasts taste.
We were able to check out a lot of the drift team pits as well. Most of the guys in there where busy setting up and checking over last minute things, just like any other racer. I had the privilege to check out under the bonnet of Mad Mike Whiddett’s rotary powered RadBull MX-5. I’d met Mike at a previous WTAC and was very impressed by the setup of the car.

For a guy who knows not a great deal about drifting I can appreciate the amount of engineering some of these cars have. Parked immediately next to it was a Lexus GS300.

This immediately caught my attention. I’d seen bits and pieces of it on the internet but hadn’t actually seen it up close. If Mad Mike’s conversion wasn’t enough, this thing had a quad rotor, rather large turbo on it and on the bottle! (Nitrous)

There was a few LS powered Nissans and a few retaining the SR20 in them. Was neat being able to get as close as we were able to. Some events you can go to you have to have pit passes or a media pass to check out the pits. WTAC is completely open. Obviously you can’t float through the pits but you can still get close enough to look closely at setup and get ideas for your own project or race car.

Leaving the Shannon’s Stylized Modified Car Show we were greeted by the sound of the sound of a screaming triple rotor. This is a piece of Mazda racing heritage and being a rotary enthusiast just to hear it in person was worth the entry fee. The car itself had actually had a bit of miss fortune a few years back at Goodwood Festival of Speed. The 767B had been beaten up in an accident while over there. So after a few years and I’d say a few dollars the thing was completely repaired back to its previous condition.

It looked amazing coming down into turn one and then proceeding up into the rest of the track.

This opened up the start of the afternoon sessions.

I caught a couple of laps of the Pro Class and had a bit of a wander around the trade stalls.

If there’s one thing that I love it’s checking out all these stalls. So much on sale, so much to look at and so many excellent things to buy. Not only is that an attraction in itself a lot of the places I went and talked to where incredibly helpful tech wise. I really enjoyed bouncing ideas for things for my own builds and future planning upgrades for those cheeky overnight part deliveries that the wife didn’t notice me order.

Wandering on we figured we get a decent vantage point for the end of session 3 and the Superlap shoot out. We took up residency at the top of the main straight.

All the sessions were getting faster and faster it was hard to keep up with the times they were all laying down. Sub 1:30 in the morning and was like that wasn’t fast enough.

It’s amazing watching the cars and the crowd’s reaction to the laps. The faster the time the more alive the crowd would get. It was awesome to hear these things at full noise going down the straight and then you’d hear something like “And another tenth of a second off his previous time!” over the PA system and the crowd cheer.

On the turn coming onto the straight there was a few near misses which would keep everyone, and no doubt the drivers as well on their toes. Just pushing that little bit extra, fighting for that extra .001 sec off that previous session lap times made for some surreal viewing.

What I’d say as a crowd favourite from previous years and apparently still shared the same fondness seemed to be the little Honda CRX dubbed ‘Mighty Mouse’ in the Pro AM Class.

I can safely say I’m not a Honda nut. I’ve got a Honda dirt bike and lawn mower but I don’t really know much about them. However this thing, along with the rest of the crowd had me pumped to watch it lap after lap.
Whatever lawn mower enhancing witchcraft they fed this thing was doing it wonders.

It had consistently been putting down very quick times throughout the day and started looking at times within the Pro Class bracket. At the end of the day Robert Nguyen and the team managed to finish the day with a crazy 1.26.276 which if you look at the times below actually ranked 4th fastest overall.

With time attack element of the day finishing up Tim Slade with the notorious Hammerhead S13 Silvia ending the day and retaining his crown from last year with a 1:20.971 just over a 2nd faster than last year (1:22:1920).

We flipped a coin and figured we would stay for the drifting. The year before was supposedly pretty decent and after seeing all of the stuff in the pits earlier made sure I didn’t get too comfortable and fall asleep this time around…

As the first pair went through and then we noticed a sprinkle. I had to pack away my camera and shuffle back to my patch of grass. The drifting continued on and so did the rain.

It made things a little interesting. The group of friends I went with introduced me to their friend Mel who is right into drifting. This was really awesome as she gave me an insight on to how points are calculated and so on. As the rain pelted us the battling geared up a level.

I was keen on catching Mike Whiddett run and was great to see even Shane Van Gisbergen was a competitor! Round after round drivers were eliminated and the final battles were getting closer. We were lucky enough to have Keiichi Tsuchiya in the commentary box helping score also which brought cool element to the event. With all things racing not everything went smoothly.

The finalists had engine dramas broken sumps, engines going on extended leave and a few other little gremlins. The final run was close and in the end Beau Yates took the win in the Toyota 86.

And with that we wrapped up WTAC 2017 for another year and I look forward to this year’s event!
If you’re about over the weekend come and say hey! We will try and live stream a bit of the weekends events over the day.

And just for reference here are the official race results below as per the World Time Attack website.


Pro Class
Pos No# Driver Team Vehicle Fastest Lap
1. 1 Tim Slade MCA Suspension Nissan S13 1:20.9710
2. 2 Barton Mawer RP 968 Porsche 968 1:21.4850
3. 3 Tomohiko Suzuki Scorch Racing Nissan Silvia S15 1:21.7960
4. 6 Andy Forrest Team Scotland AFP Subaru WRX 1:26.9520
5. 7 Yoshiki ‘Fire’ Ando Vivac Mitsubishi Evo 9 1:27.3200
6. 5 Brad Shiels Insight Motorsports Holden Astra 1:28.4130
7. 4 Paul McKinnon Pulse Racing Mitsubishi Evo 8 1:31.3010

Pro AM Class

Pos – No# – Driver – Team – Vehicle – Fastest Lap
1. 11 Robert Nguyen 101 Motorsport Honda CRX 1:26.2760
2. 14 William Au-Yeung Vibrant Performance / PZ Tuning Honda Civic Si 1:28.4730
3. 15 Sami Sivonen Audi R8 1:1 Audi R8 TT 1:29.1900
4. 19 Jason Wright Autotech Engineering Subaru WRX STI 1:31.2100
5. 18 Jarrod Scott Got It Rex Subaru WRX 1:37.3140

Open Class

Pos – No# – Driver – Team – Vehicle – Fastest Lap
1. 35 Adam Casmiri JDMYard / Hardrace Honda Civic 1:27.5620
2. 31 Nathan Morcom Global Aircraft Services Mitsubishi Evo 9 1:28.3010
3. 32 Matt Longhurst Intergrated Motorsport Nissan R34 GTR 1:28.4500
4. 33 Nick Ashwin NA Autosport Mitsubishi Evo 6 1:29.1400
5. 51 Garth Walden Royal Purple Oils / Team 666 R Misubishi Evo 9 1:29.7310
6. 17 Steven Johnson Worlds Best Technologies Nissan R33 GTR 1:30.1910
7. 37 Tetsuhiro Kurokawa Car Shop Dream KJM7 Mazda RX7 1:30.8440
8. 34 Andy Duffin 3 Rotor Racing/ADT Motorsport Mazda RX7 1:31.1780
9. 44 Josh Coote MCA Suspension Toyota 86 1:32.1990
10. 40 Drew Hall Croydon Racing Developments Nissan R34 GTR 1:33.1150
11. 39 Robert Gooley Opti-Coat / Keeley Motorsport Mitsubishi Evo 6 1:33.5620
12. 54 Nicholas Bates V-Sport Toyota 86 1:33.6810
13. 52 Daniel Day S & J Automotive Subaru WRX STI 1:34.2320
14. 38 Kieran Wu Race Division Mitsubishi Evo 1:35.1530
15. 55 Jason Dorrington Vic Time Attack Mazda FD RX7 1:37.1890
16. 42 Travis Allen Allens Industrial Mitsubishi Evo 9 1:38.1110
17. 45 Nev Scott CMA Racing Subaru WRX 1:39.3940
18. 43 John Wright Wright 1 Motorsport Subaru WRX 1:40.7960
19. 41 Darrin Morice D-10 Subaru BRZ 1:41.3960
20. 48 John Sebelic J & J Motorsport Toyota Supra Mk4 1:43.8960
21. 50 Philip Aquino Redsun Motorsport Nissan S13 1:46.3680
22. 57 Brett Dickie Zoom Motorsport Toyota FT86 1:49.0450
23. 46 Sebastian Najder Euro Automotive Servicing VW Golf R32 1:53.3340
24. 56 Daniel Burton Xtreme GTR Nissan R32 GTR DNF

Pos – No# – Driver – Team – Vehicle – Fastest Lap
1. 89 Jordan Cox Team Raptor / IS Motor Racing Mitsubishi Evo 9 1:36.8390
2. 62 Benny Tran BYP Racing Honda S2000 1:39.3540
3. 63 Ben Arnold Arnolds Fruit Market Nissan GTR 1:39.5570
4. 72 Andrew Wegener Lone Wolf Racing Honda S2000 1:39.5980
5. 94 Roger Arnold Arnolds Fruit Market Nissan GTR R32 1:40.2830
6. 71 Ben Tran BYP Racing Honda S2000 1:40.4380
7. 65 Dejan Buneta Artec Performance Toyota Supra JZA80 1:41.2500
8. 96 Stephen Wan BYP Racing Honda Civic 1:41.6500
9. 68 Jamal Assad Evolution Racing Spares Mitsubishi Evo 5 1:41.6850
10. 85 Ben Shoots Harrop Engineering Toyota 86 1:41.8900
11. 67 Ben Schwer Powertune Australia Nissan 180SX 1:42.3130
12. 80 Aidan Holman Aidan Holman Nissan Silvia S14 1:42.7910
13. 78 David Lord Tunehouse Racing Toyota 86 1:42.8290
14. 88 Ray Bishop IS Motor Racing Mitsubishi Evo 9 1:43.4670
15. 70 Steven Planinic Garage 88 Mitsubishi Evo 9 1:43.5770
16. 91 Idin Ahangar Got It Rex Subaru WRX 1:43.6310
17. 69 Duane Fischer NA Autosport Mitsubishi Evo 10 14 1:43.8860
18. 64 David Dalrymple Bilstein / Zen Garage Nissan R32 GTR 1:43.9970
19. 99 Rahul Victor Project 7dere Mazda RX7 FD3S 1:44.4800
20. 97 Joshua Muggleton Volksmuller VW Golf GTI 1:44.8200
21. 75 Aidan Mongor Wolf EMS Nissan Silvia S15 1:44.9160
22. 95 Heath Moore Harrop Engineering BMW M3 1:45.3980
23. 74 Stephen Muller Volksmuller VW Golf 1:46.1670
24. 92 Sheridan Budsworth PIG032 Motorsport Nissan R32 GTST 1:46.4140
25. 73 Tim Burt Tim Burt Motorsports Nissan R34 GTR 1:47.0740
26. 76 Paul Kovaceski Paul Kovaceski Racing Porsche 944 1:47.3850
27. 77 Daniel Griffin Griffin Games Honda NSX 1:47.6490
28. 79 Raiss Idrus Rais Racecars Nissan Silvia S13 1:49.1350
29. 66 Harry Zhao Harrop Engineering Lotus Exige S 1:50.5700
30. 98 Matthew Buonasera Track Day Club Toyota Supra 1:50.8250
31. 90 Andrew Price Keeley Motorsport BMW E30 1:51.9730
32. 81 Mark Collingwood Automotive Plus Mazda MX5 1:52.2160
33. 93 Adam Clarke Drag Car Fab Nissan Skyline GTST 1:54.8610

Pos Workshop Driver Vehicle Top Speed
1 Precision Automotive Racing Aaron McGranahan Nissan R35 GTR 269kph
2 Micks Motorsports Mark Hopkins Mitsubishi Evo9 265kph
3 Just Engine Management Adam Neish Nissan R34 GTR 261kph
4 Advance Motor Mechanics PJ Torony S13 Silvia AWD SR22VE 255kph
5 Hoontune Anthony Hanania Ford FG Falcon 243kph
6 Jet Multimedia Andrew Hawkins Nissan R32 GTR 235kph
7 Grimm Performance Dennis O’Malley Nissan Barra R32 GTST 221kph
8 R+V Autoworx Ray Loulach Honda Civic B18 1000HP 209kph
9 World’s Best Technology Motorsports Shane Van Gisbergen 194kph
10 Mazsport Guy Barbour Mazda FD RX7 Quad Rotor 192kph

Drift Challenge
1. Beau Yates
2. Daigo Saito
3. Shane Van Gisbergen
4. Rob Whyte
5. Mike Whiddett
6. Josh Boettcher
7. Michael Bonney
8. Luke Fink
9. Michael Prosenik
10. Cole Armstrong
11. Jake Jones
12. Cameron Mote
13 Alex Sciacca
14. Darren Kelly
15. Levi Clarke
16. Matt Russell
17. Brad Tuohy
18. Adam Monck
19. Dave Steedman
20. Michael Rosenblatt
21. Matt Hill
22. Anthony Bilic
23. Kris Frome
24. Carl Thompson
25. Mitchell Jeffery
26. Adam Davies
27. Blake Paterson
28. Andy Worth
29. Ben Meir
30. Joel Dimmack