Here it is! It’s taken forever, and about 20 versions due to my poor understanding of the editing software.

It is aimed at people that are interested in getting involved in motor sport and think it’s too hard or expensive, or people that should be interested!  Forward it on to friends and family that should really be doing car things off public roads.

I know you love deeply technical articles and well made competition cars.  This won’t be about that so much, at least not in these early days.  The intention is to kick off with the absolute bare minimum, and slowly progress up the motor sport food chain starting with events with no barriers to entry, before moving into club level competition and so on.  So far the first two episodes will be on track days and skid pans.

It is unpolished and I have made a number of technical errors that cannot be fixed, but hey, I have had a go and each subsequent issue should be better every time.  Hopefully it will still be entertaining!