Issue 48

This is the single issue of Race Magazine.

Well, it’s damn near killed me, but here’s Issue 48. Inside is Boppa’s APRA Pulsar, Country Sprints, some excellent tech from Rob Palmero and Seth Coultas.
Alastair B Dow managed to jag a comprehensive interview with Paul Trengove from the new Tallem Bend motorsport complex, and I have some excellent insight into two of our long term advertisers; Trackside Tyres and BOI Performance.

A major factor in the delay was working with Justin May the professional graphic designer and Indesign guru, setting up templates, foundational structure, fonts (arrgh! Who knew fonts was a hard thing! Give me an engine rebuild any day over dealing with stupid fonts. Next issue is entirely Arial), and workflow. It has taken many hours of sneaking design work before work, after work, and from the Race Magazine office at lunch time (the bog at work), and the entire first season of Rick and Morty. Rick and Morty is important to the workflow, believe me.

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