Formula E appears to be a rapidly growing category (though no events Down Under – presumably electricity is expensive here), and love it or not, electric cars are going to be a massive presence in the future automotive landscape.  Formula E has a love-it-or-hate-it sound, and the end of a race can be painful to watch in a way one could only imagine it would be like if every car in the field suddenly ran out of petrol on the last lap.  Having said that, the racing is close, and it is exciting, and the technology has far reaching applications.

A recent announcement of the Roborace car release is an obvious next step in the evolution of electric vehicles, drone racing and remote operated or autonomous equipment.

But is it for us?

Will spectators get the same emotion watching a near miss between two front runners, a tyre wall and the chequered flag, when there’s nobody in them?

First up; what is a Roborace car? The design is by the newly appointed chief design officer of Formula E; Daniel Simon.  Daniel is recognised for his work on major Hollywood titles such as the Tron remake and Oblivion.  The Roborace car is touted by Formula E as the first race car that doesn’t need a driver.  The first Roborace ‘shows’ were expected to take place during the 2016 Formula E season.