David Chinner is a genius. I first met David many years ago when I used to rally and do club level stuff with his brother Andrew. Both brothers are genuine and down-to-earth guys, which, when talking about geniuses, is pretty rare. David is easy to talk to even though he is an enormous brain with a pony tail attached.

He runs a home built Clubman style car powered by a 13B turbo. In David’s style, he has used engineering design and a heck of a lot of maths to build it, and now to rebuild it after a major ‘off’ at Wakefield Park.

Here, he talks about the process and pitfalls of using open source software to redesign the car. His audience in this lecture are software developers and engineers for the Linux open source operating system (hence the awkward laughs at some of the anecdotes) but there’s a lot of knowledge here that the rest of us can use.