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Feature Cars

Pulsar Cup – Bartolo Special

Words and images supplied by Paul Bartolo So, motor sport. It’s a pastime many of us have fallen for over the years, yet sadly so many people fall by the wayside – a combination of lives, wives / husbands, kids, mortgages and various other life events conspiring to get in the way of having a…

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Piranha or Electric Eel

The car in question is, as I write this, just a collection of steel tubes stitched together sitting in my workshop and that’s it. It was purchased in 2010 by Daryl Watt of New South Wales and is a Melbourne-built Piranha hill climber of 1990-ish vintage with an extensive career doing short runs up the…

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The Million Horsepower Supra

(From Issue 32) The roots of the Toyota Supra can be traced back as far as the svelte Toyota 2000GT of the 1960s; cool enough for James Bond to cruise around in the movie “You only live twice”. The engine used in that car gradually grew in capacity through the years, as the long-lived M-series…

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A Hard Charger

One of the joys of watching Improved Production is the mix of cars that you see on the track. Have you ever imagined a less likely Improved Production racing car than a big, square rigged Valiant? I can imagine a TV commentator giving running a description of the field: “Commodores, RX7’s, Falcons, Mitsubishi Evos, Valiant…

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