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What happened to Project Sight Unseen (AE80 Corolla)?


It’s taken ages, but I finally have the next video up. It’s short, and it wraps up the Corolla microbudget example, and we can now tick the skid pan and track day boxes. Time to move onto… well, to be honest probably something just as budget.

Pulsar Cup – Bartolo Special


Words and images supplied by Paul Bartolo So, motor sport. It’s a pastime many of us have fallen for over the years, yet sadly so many people fall by the wayside – a combination of lives, wives / husbands, kids, mortgages and various other life events conspiring to get in the way of having a…

The Transaxle Conundrum


  One of the most enduring motor sport engine and gearbox configurations is the ‘North-South’ mid-engine layout with a transaxle mounted behind the motor. For a manufacturer or a well-funded race team, designing a purpose built or high-end transaxle is not a difficult decision to make. For those of us on limited budgets or ‘green…

World Time Attack Challenge 2017


Hi Readers. With WTAC starting up this weekend I’ve got a bit of a recap of last year’s excursion to World Time Attack Challenge at Sydney Motorsport Park. I ventured out to the 2017 World Time Attack Challenge to check it out for another year of high speed, massive aero and an awesome atmosphere. Each…

Budget DIY Corner Weight Scales


Home-Made Corner Weight Scales Many years ago I went to TAFE with a friend of mine who we all knew as “Dangerous Dave”. I struggled in my Statics subjects, whereas Dave was a gun at it. He quickly worked out not only how to solve the problems in class, but how to apply the methods…

Designing a Race Car with Open Source Tools

racecar software

David Chinner is a genius. I first met David many years ago when I used to rally and do club level stuff with his brother Andrew. Both brothers are genuine and down-to-earth guys, which, when talking about geniuses, is pretty rare. David is easy to talk to even though he is an enormous brain with…

Project Godiva – Part 10


The past three months have been marked not so much by what construction has occurred, but rather by the number of final – if they are truly final – decisions that have been made. Steering Rack The previously acquired Ford Escort steering rack has been replaced by a Toyota rack. The Escort the rack sat…

Project Godiva – Part 9


Even with years of planning, actually making Godiva has never really been a very linear process, where each step is well planned in advance and flows smoothly from one stage to another. Instead it has been very much like a long staircase in a grand old building where there are pauses along the way to…

Project Godiva – Part 8


What you see below is the Mitsubishi drivetrain (engine and transaxle) removed from the car, complete with subframe, suspension, struts and discs etc. What I had not expected when this was finally on my garage floor was that the driveshaft would be approximately 40mm lower than the crankshaft. It was a surprise, mostly because you…