AASA released a statement today to reassure competitors and officials of the ability of the governing body to adequately support participants, presumably in response to the recent open letter to officials from CAMS. (This post updated 12:30pm 10/03/17)

Source: https://aasa.com.au/news/

AASA says:

10th March 2017

We get it. The Australian Auto-Sport Alliance (AASA) isn’t the biggest, the oldest or endorsed by the FIA, and we’re okay with that, so are our partners.

But that doesn’t mean we compromise on the quality, knowledge and safety standards of any of our officials, staff or competitors. We might be relatively new kids on the block, but we’ve sanctioned hundreds of events each year around Australia since 2003.

While AASA policies may have minor differences, our coverage has been analysed by independent legal experts from our partners, most recently the Australian Off Road Racing Association, which is satisfied that we meet all their requirements.

CAMS licenced officials participating in AASA events should be assured that they have coverage of an equivalent nature. In fact, all senior AASA officials are CAMS licenced as well.

We don’t get licenced by NSW Sport and Recreation if we don’t have the appropriate level of critical incident management protocols, support and advice available.

We also have access to a of team legal professionals to promptly respond to any issues if required.

If officials have any concerns or questions, we welcome and encourage them to contact us direct.

One promoter describes us having “incredibly intense transparency” which is something we’re particularly proud of.

“I’ve seen the way AASA works and the way they licence and permit events and watched their incredibly intense transparency.”

“The AASA gives us security in knowing if anything should go wrong with competitors, staff, people at the track – they’ve got our backs and they can step up and do what they need to, leaving us to deliver great events”

Quote from Jacob Simsonen, promoter 24 Hours of LeMons – March 2017

We’d also like to remind our partners that AASA is owned by Benalla Auto Club, a not-for-profit entity, so ultimately any profits return to motorsport via the Benalla Auto Club.

For any further information please visit our website www.aasa.com.au or call us on (03) 5721 7800

CAMS published an open letter to officials where Eugene Arocca outlines three key areas; insurance coverage, intellectual property, and officiating standards. Excerpts from the CAMS letter states:

Insurance Coverage
CAMS provides extensive insurance cover for accredited officials, however it is important to note that this only applies when officiating at CAMS sanctioned events. CAMS Personal Accident and Liability insurance cover does not extend to non-CAMS events.

Officials are strongly encouraged to contact the event organiser or sanctioning body to understand what coverage, if any, they have when officiating at non-CAMS events. You should also satisfy yourself as to the level of critical incident management protocols, support and advice available to you should you require it.

Intellectual Property
The structure, rules and safety information supporting our officials is CAMS’ intellectual property. Everything from the uniforms to CAMS and FIA logos and references to CAMS policies, rules and training is legally owned by CAMS or the FIA and can only be used at and for CAMS sanctioned events.

The use of any of the above at non-CAMS sanctioned events amounts to a breach of copyright. Indeed, CAMS is often forced to take legal action to protect those rights.

Standard of Officiating

All CAMS accredited officials are part of a structured and carefully designed pathway paired with a system of rules and regulations which provide a risk mitigating structure for motor sport.

This structure and knowledge-base does not exist elsewhere, and all officials are urged to consider the quality and training of anyone who is not a CAMS official who are often called upon to assist at non-CAMS events. In short, are you confident that your fellow volunteer will know what to do and how to do it when required?